Give Back

When I was 8 years old, I had my first lemonade stand. My brother and I spent one morning making lemonade thanks to the generous in-kind donation of Crystal Light from our parents, and we set out to make a little money. The catch, however, was that all of our profits would be donated to charity. I can’t remember exactly who we donated it to; nevertheless, this charity lemonade stand began a summer tradition, attracting more neighborhood kids each time. Thus began my desire to change the world.

What an idealistic thought, right?

But somehow this same idealistic 8 year-old still steers my career path, but with a little help from my 22 year-old dose of realism.

I am passionate about social good. I love socially responsible businesses, whether they just engage in a lot of corporate philanthropy or their products do good for the world. I love to volunteer. I donate to causes I care about, even though my pocketbook is small.

Philanthropy isn’t just for the tech gurus of the world- it’s for you and me, too. I’m dedicating this part of my blog to introduce you to different businesses and organizations that engage in philanthropy in hopes that you can find places to donate your time and resources to- or just find a cool product that does good for the world, too!

If you want help finding an organization to get involved with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’ll help you get connected somewhere that supports a cause you care about.