Chicago Restaurant Week

Chicago Restaurant Week is one of my favorite weeks in Chicago in the winter! There are so many amazing restaurants in this city but not all fall under my budget. Luckily, this week has set menus at a reduced cost so participants can explore all the cuisine the city has to offer!

Cafe Robey

Cafe Robey is a restaurant in Wicker Park that my friend Erin and I have been wanting to visit, so we thought Chicago Restaurant Week would be a great time to do so!



I had the Melon de Bourgogne, a Muscadet. I liked it, however I thought Erin’s Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc was delicious!

First Course

The beer cheese soup was delicious! Crispy chicken nuggets topped the soup and it had a nice kick to it.


Main Course

The NY strip steak was cooked perfectly. However, I think the best part of this dish was the tallow bernaise sauce and pickled mustard seeds.



As someone with a major sweet tooth, I think my favorite part of CRW is having dessert at every meal! The cocoa puffs panna cotta was divine and I loved the chocolate and banana mixture.


As a bonus, we got “shots” of milk and mini-cookies!


Sapori Trattoria

I have to admit, I really spaced on taking pictures of each course! I was just enjoying time with some of my oldest friends šŸ™‚


The dinner menu came with a choice of Prosecco or the chef’s house drink of the day. I chose the Prosecco, because who doesn’t need more bubbles in their life?? One of my friends chose the house drink, which was basically vodka and bitters. It was a little too sweet for my liking, so I’m glad I had ordered the Prosecco.

First Course

One of my friends and I split theĀ bruschetta and burrata formaggio e prosciutto. The bruschetta was fantastic, but I definitely loved the burrata the best. I also have a slight obsession with fresh mozzarella.


Main Course

To continue with my love of mozzarella, I chose the rigatoni caprese. Stewed tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella. Perfetto! I even had some leftovers for my lunch the next day.



I’m really bummed I forgot to take a picture! They were so delicious. I chose theĀ vanilla bread pudding with raspberry puree and my friends had the tiramisu with mascarpone, the hazelnut chocolate panna cotta and the lemon sorbet. The bread pudding and panna cotta were my favorites. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth šŸ˜‰

Cindy’s Rooftop

Cindy’s is one of my favorite places in Chicago, but its views match the price tag. Luckily, the CRW deal was too good to pass up and I got to enjoy a beautiful lunch with my coworkers!


First Course

Everyone at my table but one chose the Crunchy Lettuces. The dish was colorful and light, however, I thought the parmesan was a little overpowering.


Main Course

I wasn’t expecting breaded gnocchi, but I was pleasantly surprised! In hind sight, I googled what gnocchi parisienne is and it’s always breaded… You learn something new everyday!



Of course I didn’t get a picture! But the chocolate quesillo was divine. The brown butter shortbread mixed with the caramel.. so good!

All in all, I’d rate this a very successful Chicago Restaurant Week.

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