36 hours in San Diego.

This past weekend, my friend Katie and I traded in the winter weather of the midwest for the sunny beaches of California!


Even though we arrived Thursday night, it was pretty late so our vacation didn’t really start until Friday! Our AirBNB was right off Pacific Beach. It was a simple studio with a great location and really affordable!


Katie and I decided to go for a “short walk” along the boardwalk that ended up being 4.5 miles! Halfway, we grabbed mimosas on the beach (obviously) and ended the morning with a nap on the beach. I was seriously in heaven.


In the afternoon, we attended my friend’s wedding. It was so wonderful to see her marry her best friend! My Alpha Chi Little looked so beautiful!! Side note: George’s at the Cove was a FANTASTIC venue, as well! Such tasty food and interesting drinks. She’s a foodie, so not surprised dinner was on point 😉



Because of the time change, we ended up getting early every day, which allowed us to pack in so much in such a short amount of time. We started our Saturday with some amazing Mexican food at Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town.


Old Town is known as the birthplace of San Diego. It was so interesting to learn about the culture of San Diego and about the history of the area. We loved the vibrant colors!


To walk off our burritos, we wandered around Sunset Cliffs State Preserve.


Can I just say… I freaking love San Diego?


Later in the day, we met up with some friends and went in search of some whales! If you’re ever in San Diego, I’d highly recommend San Diego Whale Watch.


Unfortunately, we didn’t see any whales, but we saw a ton of dolphins and some sea lions.


To cap off the day, we grabbed more Mexican food at Verdes El Ranchero in La Jolla. For such a short trip, we sure were able to pack in a lot AND spend time with our friends! Until next time, California.

Chicago wasn’t so kind with the weather when I returned 😉



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