September/October Reads

In September, I joined a book club started by a few of my friends! We chose the mystery/thriller genre to focus on, so the past two months my reading list has primarily been that (with one exception)!

Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson

This is the one exception on my reading list. Like I mentioned in my September Give Back post, I was able to see Bryan Stevenson speak in August and since then, I wanted to read his book Just Mercy. It’s not a light read, but unlike many nonfiction pieces on the social justice topic, it’s not dry. Not to say other books in this area area are uninteresting, but sometimes they have a textbook-y feel to them. Not Just Mercy. Stevenson is a fantastic writer and beautifully weaves together an argument against the death penalty. This book should be a must-read for all individuals looking into the law field or who are interested in social justice issues.

The Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10 was the first book for my Book Club! I really enjoyed it. The story follows a British reporter named Lo who embarks on the maiden voyage of a small cruise ship owned by a well-known millionaire. However, after some rather unfortunate events (or maybe just imagined events?), Lo finds herself in some deep water (pun intended). The story is told from Lo’s point of view, but every once and awhile there’s a news article or other tidbit from the future that adds some mystery to the present.

Don’t You Cry – Mary Kubica

Coming off the heels of The Woman in Cabin 10 which I loved, I didn’t love Don’t You Cry as much. It’s based in Chicago and Harbor Country, Michigan so I appreciated the local flair, as well as the fact that I grew up vacationing in that area of Michigan. Don’t You Cry is told in alternating viewpoints and leaves you wondering how they are connected. In Chicago, Quinn’s roommate goes missing mysteriously. As she begins to search for her roommate, Quinn learns more and more secrets that leave her wondering, who really was her roommate? In Michigan, a boy named Alex notices a new arrival to their small town. As he starts to get to know her, he starts to unravel the secrets of people he thought he knew. It’s definitely an intriguing read, but personally I had roughly guessed the ending by the time I got there.

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