Give Back in 2017: October

In 2017, one of my goals is to donate $20.17 each month to a different charity or cause that I’m passionate about. I’ll still feature other nonprofits and social enterprises in the Give Back section, but I wanted to share this challenge with you, as well. I hope I can introduce you to some great organizations and maybe even inspire you to join me in this monthly challenge!

Girls on the Run

In college, I coached for Girls on the Run. This organization combines two of my passions- running and girl empowerment!

“We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.” -Mission Statement

Girls on the Run creatively utilizes a running curriculum to teach important lessons of teamwork, self-acceptance and body confidence! The season culminates in a celebratory 5K!

Image taken from Girls on the Run’s Facebook page

Girls on the Run has programming for 3rd-5th grade girls and 6th-8th grade girls. During after-school practice, the team has discussion time where they talk about the topic of the day and then gets out and moving, using games and fitness activities to drive home the message.

For example, if the topic is thankfulness, the game would be: for every lap they ran, they’d write out something they were thankful for on posters. And of course, the day ends with positive affirmations and cheers for their teammates, encouraging the girls to recognize and praise one another instead of tearing each other down.

Image taken from Girls on the Run’s Facebook page

If you’d like to donate to Girls on the Run, you can do so here. Be sure to visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram! If you’re interested in running the Girls on the Run 5K, you can search for your local chapter here. You can also volunteer to be a coach or running buddy!

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