Give back in 2017: August

In 2017, one of my goals is to donate $20.17 each month to a different charity or cause that I’m passionate about. I’ll still feature other nonprofits and social enterprises in the Give Back section, but I wanted to share this challenge with you, as well. I hope I can introduce you to some great organizations and maybe even inspire you to join me in this monthly challenge!

Life After Hate

Hate groups have been in the news lately. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the horrific scenes coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia. With that on my heart this month (see this post), I chose the Chicago-based nonprofit Life After Hate as my August Give Back.

“LIFE AFTER HATE is dedicated to inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including themselves.” -Mission Statement

Life After Hate works with individuals who wish to leave a life of violence and hate. Through various programs, they successfully support former-white nationalists and hate group members to find a new outlook on life and leave their hateful prejudices behind. This organization really looks at the root of hate and tries to cut off ties from the beginning and stop hate groups from growing.


  • Research: LAH works with academic institutions and organizations to conduct research on entrances and exits of hate groups to better develop programming to eradicate them altogether.
  • Education: Through educating local nonprofits, community groups, churches and schools, LAH provides effective tools and resources to teach communities to tackle these issues from within.
  • Outreach: ExitUSA provides an exit for radicalized individuals to leave their hate groups and find support and community among people with common backgrounds and a united hope for the future.
  • Consulting: Collaborating with individuals across industry, LAH continually innovates and improves programming and understanding surrounding violent extremism.

To learn more about Life After Hate, be sure to check out their website, Facebook page and Twitter. Donate here!

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