Amidst it all, You are good.

Another day, another story.
Newscast after newscast,
Details grim and gory.

Hate and ugliness fill the screens,
Fear and sadness surface
flowing outward in misty streams.

Echoes of doubt ring loud,
Why do bad things happen?
How can I let my heart sing out-

Amidst it all, You are good.

Our imperfect world erodes day by day,
Relationships fractured, faith tested.
The smoke of division clouds the airway.

You ask me to see the good in others,
But the pulse of our nation
Rests in a surrogate mother.

This is not the beat of my heart,
A heart that feels the pain of friends unknown.
But understanding this might be a start-

Amidst it all, You are good.

Pushing back the curtain of hate,
I find love hidden behind the scenes,
Your hands, Your feet carrying the weight.

You make your home among the scarred and bruised,
In faceless heroes turning love from noun to verb-
Agape in action, disregard Your name abused.

The double edged sword of free will and choice,
If hate is a consequence of freedom,
Then I choose to love and be Your heart’s voice-

Amidst it all, You are good.

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Just another 20-something trying to figure out this whole adulting thing.

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