Race recap: Wanderlust Tri

I wouldn’t exactly call Wanderlust 108 a race… or a triathlon. But Wanderlust was an incredible wellness event I attended this past weekend downtown Chicago.


Present by Adidas, Wanderlust 108 is the world’s only mindful triathlon that takes place in cities across the world. The three events are a 5K, a yoga session and a guided meditation. To find your nearest event, search here.


Fellow blogger and friend Kelly from See Stack Run and I ran the 5K together. The course was beautiful- through Grant Park and then along the lakefront path. It wasn’t timed- you could walk, run or skip (we skipped across the finish line!). We lucked out on weather! It was pretty overcast in the morning, so we didn’t get too hot while running.


While I enjoyed the run, I wish they would’ve grouped us in waves of people depending on if you were running, run/walking or walking. It was kind of a hodge-podge which made it difficult for runners. Also, since we were on a public path, I felt pretty bad for the cyclists trying to get by. Definitely need some volunteers out there keeping participants on one side of the path.


Wow. One of the best yoga sessions I’ve ever taken. The instructor, Chelsey Korus, did such an amazing job of connecting your physical movements to your mind and spirit. The 90 minute yoga class was split up into 3 sections. The first hour was primarily flow yoga- simple poses that most people have done before, which was great for all levels in attendance. The next 15 minutes was essentially a dance break. The last 15 minutes was a cool down flow and more meditative. This transitioned nicely into the final session.

Our friend Betty joined us for yoga and meditation!




The guided meditation was fantastic. I was in such a deep restful state that I barely moved. The teacher, Noah Levine, also had an incredible story! Not really much to say here other than I felt very relaxed and centered by the end of this session.

Kelly looking like a pro.


General Event

There were a ton of vendors to check out! We spent our post-5K time exploring all of the tents, grabbing free samples of organic foods and drinks, and perusing the shops. We technically signed up for an afternoon class, but we didn’t attend. My friends and I wanted to grab lunch and hit the road home.


Overall, I thought the event was really well planned out. I would do this again 110%!




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