Give Back in 2017: March

In 2017, one of my goals is to donate $20.17 each month to a different charity or cause that I’m passionate about. I’ll still feature other nonprofits and social enterprises in the Give Back section, but I wanted to share this challenge with you, as well. I hope I can introduce you to some great organizations and maybe even inspire you to join me in this monthly challenge!

She Should Run

In the United States, women make up a record high of 20% of Congress. However, women make up 50.8% of the population of our country. In a ranking of 193 countries in regards to gender parity in politics, the US ranks 100th. Countries that beat us? Rwanda, the UK, Afghanistan, Mexico… just to name a few.

Image taken from She Should Run’s Facebook page

She Should Run understands that women in politics are not only good for women, but good for everyone. For example, during the government shutdown of 2014, it was the women of Congress who worked across party lines to end it. She Should Run is nonpartisan and encourages women of all parties to run for office at all levels.


  • RNC & DNC Conventions: At each convention, She Should Run facilitates conversations among women in those parties from various levels of government about gender parity in politics.
  • Ask a Woman to Run: You can nominate a community member to run for office! They will be added to the She Should Run Incubator.
  • She Should Run Incubator: This is an online community full of resources and inspiration for women looking to run (or even just thinking about running) for office.
  • You Can Be A Leader: Research shows that a girl’s dreams of leadership diminish as she gets older. She Should Run collaborated with Barbie to create an activity guide for girls and course for parents focused on closing this gender gap from the start.

She Should Run also conducts research on women in politics and publishes these findings on their website. If you, yourself, do not wish to ever run for office, but you are passionate about this cause, they offer suggestions of other ways you can help support women running for office.

Image taken from She Should Run’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in learning more or donating, you can visit their website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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