Give Back: Love Your Melon


Love Your Melon (LYM) started as a college business school project in Minnesota and has quickly spread across the country to many college campuses and beyond. The objective was simple; for every beanie sold, LYM would donate a beanie to kid undergoing chemotherapy.

As the company grew and their beanies increased in popularity, LYM decided they could do so much more. Now, 50% of net profits are donated to pediatric cancer research, in addition to still donating hats. Pediatric cancer research only accounts for 3% of cancer research dollars and pediatric cancer is very different from adulthood cancers. Since 2012, they have donated over $2.5million!


Their marketing plan reminds me a lot of how TOMS started: low-cost media and word-of-mouth. LYM utilizes a ton of social media marketing, but relies heavily on college brand ambassadors. It’s a great tactic, really effective and is actually how I heard about them.

My friend Audrey and I at MizzouThon, a dance marathon to raise money for MU Children’s Hospital. She was a Mizzou campus ambassador for Love Your Melon and promoted the brand at the event.

As a beanie lover, not only are these hats for a great cause, but they are AWESOME beanies. They’ve even started different lines of baseball caps, apparel and other accessories. Don’t fret if you go on their website and they are sold out of your favorite color. Follow them on Instagram and on Facebook to get the latest beanie releases! They are worth the wait, trust me.

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