The season of lasts.

Dear Seniors,

It is finally here, the season of lasts.

I had a really hard time leaving college. I felt like everyone around me was either going to grad school or had some sweet gig lined up and I didn’t. I was always that girl that had my life planned out, I knew what my next step would be and then all of a sudden I didn’t. I was graduating without any plans. It was scary. But I survived it and so will you.

Looking back on this season of my life, I don’t think of the uncertainty and stress. All I remember is warmth. Warmth of love and freedom, of joy and familiarity.

You might be dreading the lasts, but please, don’t. Cherish them. You’ll miss every moment. They are beautiful and scary and difficult and wonderful. You’ll soon understand why this chapter of your life is coming to a close and how lovely that ending is.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a full-time job lined up or even a job. I didn’t. Yet, when I finally found an internship (a month after graduation), I knew I was in the right place at the right time.

Moving home, while seeming like a roadblock, became a time for needed rest. While I still struggle with not feeling like I’m fully adulting, I know I’ll get there when it’s my time.

I was afraid of my friends moving far away from me. Afraid I’d never see them or lose touch. But that isn’t the case. I have letters, 45-minute phone call conversations and plane tickets to prove it to you.

There are things you are beginning to worry about, but don’t stress too much.

Go out way too many nights in a row. Go on that spontaneous weekend road trip. Try something new that you’ve never done before. Eat at your favorite restaurant one too many times (or every Wednesday night…). Have those Netflix nights with your roommates.

Soak up every last bit of the time you have left.

I don’t mean to sound like a washed-up grad, basking in the glory of her college years, but I don’t want you to waste this beautiful time in your life.

You’re on the cusp of adulthood, but still have a few reckless months left.

Enjoy it. You deserve it.


A twenty-something

P.S. When you go back to homecoming, you’ll realize just a weekend of college-living is all you need and you’ll wonder how the hell you survived four years.

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Just another 20-something trying to figure out this whole adulting thing.

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