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At my high school (as I assume at many others), lockers were organized alphabetically by grade. It just so happens that today’s guest blogger and I both have ‘B’ last names and were in the Class of 2012, hence we met through locker proximity. Meet Nicole! Nicole runs Bolt Blogs, a fantastic beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog that makes even inept makeup girls like me feel like they can rock a contour. Enjoy her post for Thrifty Thursday! 

Looks for Less.

Hello and happy December! My name is Nicole and I blog over on Bolt Blogs.

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Depending on how your Black Friday and Cyber Monday went, you might be running low on cash but still need to get some shopping done. Today I’m bringing you some top looks for less. The splurges will cost you $8,773, or you can grab the dupes for $384:

Bolt Blogs.png


Kate Spade (left): $195 – Watches can be a pricey investment! This gorgeous Kate Spade watch features beautiful rose gold details, but we all know your mom has some Kohl’s cash hanging around…

Kohl’s (right): $20 on sale for $15 – While this watch is missing the rose gold face, the look is nearly identical. Plus, both are going to tell the time just fine.

Cashmere Beanie

Vixer (top): $65 – If you like wearing hats, you should definitely treat yourself to one that’s soft, not scratchy. If this is too big of a splurge…

Halogen (bottom): $45 on sale for $34 – Not only is this hat on sale, but it also comes in 11 colors!

High-Top Sneakers

Vince (top): $295 – These simple sneakers look perfect with a pair of jeans and chunky sweater. If you’re looking for some more color options other than navy…

Gap (bottom): $70 – Not only do you save big time on these shoes, Gap almost always has a 40% off sale or promotion going on.

Saddle Bag with Fringe

Chloe (left): $2,150 – Fringe accents are everywhere right now. When it comes to trendy accessories, sometimes it’s better to take a less expensive route in case you don’t like it come next season…

Fossil (right): $178 on sale for $67 – This bag is still a luxe leather treat but at a fraction of the cost. It’s on sale until the 8th!

Green Parka with Pink Trim

Mr. & Mrs. (left): $6,068 – Well if you’ve made it past that price tag, congratulations! I’ve seen this brand popping up on a few of my favorite blogs recently. A lot of coats from Mr. & Mrs. are customizable, but if fur is not your thing, there’s a faux fur option…

Gap (right): $198 – This coat is selling out quickly, so get on it! While the interior is Sherpa and not fur, both will still keep you warm and cozy in the cold.

That’s it!

I’d love to talk with y’all beyond today, so come on over to the links below and we can chat some more.

Blog: Bolt Blogs

Instagram: @boltblogs

Twitter: @boltblogs

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and hopefully some rest. Thanks so much for having me, Kat!

Thanks again, Nicole! 

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