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I’m excited to introduce my first guest blogger! Etinosa and I were suitemates freshman year at Mizzou. She is amazingly talented and I wish I had half the fashion sense she does. One of my favorite things about Eti, besides her awesome girl boss attitude and confidence, is her sarcastic sense of humor! So with that, enjoy her guest post and be sure to check out her blog, like her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram.

Throwback to freshman year – Fall 2012

Quick introduction.

My name is Etinosa Ogbevoen. I’m a creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Enhance The Individual. Usually I’d be writing about how to create the perfect holiday outfit or telling you about some new brands I’m trying out, but this time I decided it’d be nice to switch it up to divulge into the struggles of being a recent grad. So here we go.


True Life: I’m a 22 year old living alone.

If you’re familiar with the show True Life, you know that they usually follow the lives of people who have some strange addiction or habit. Most of the time it’s something that would never cross your mind, but as you can see, my true life is something that seems pretty normal. If you ever get the chance to get to know me, you’ll realize very quickly I’m quite quirky and then for some strange reason, the most embarrassing things happen to me.

So True Life: I’m a 22 year old living alone in a new city.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I graduated from Mizzou in May and was privileged enough to get a job in Kansas City. Before graduation, I was more than ecstatic with the thought of living alone. No roommates running around and screaming. No dishes in the sink for days and I can walk around with nothing on. It’s a dream come true.

So in August I made my way to the city of fountains (Kansas City), found an apartment and started a new chapter of my life. The first day was great. My boyfriend was in town for the day and made me feel safe and what not, but it went downhill the second he left. I was absolutely miserable.

One: it was silent. I mean dead silent. I wouldn’t talk for hours on end.

Two: I figured out really quickly that my apartment has horrible signal. To the point where I would literally have to stand in one spot to talk on the phone and God forbid I moved even a little because the call would fail.

I mean, I spent the first couple weeks going to work, eating chicken salad and crackers for lunch, coming home and not talking, and then going to bed at 8 pm. I hated to admit it to myself, but I missed my roommates so much.

Eventually, I got a couch to sit on and other pieces of furniture to make the place feel more homey. I started getting used to my schedule and even began to explore Kansas City.

Maybe after 3 weeks of KC living, I started to get to know my surroundings and realized I wasn’t living in the best neighborhood. Every time I mentioned where I lived to people, they suggested that I order some mace or even get a taser. Luckily, nothing bad has happened to me.

So let’s fast forward.

I’ve been living alone in KC for 3 months now and I thought I was getting the hang of things until I started to cook.

Hands down, I’m not the best cook. I’m a microwave and go type of girl. So I decided to make a simple Nigerian snack. Just frying some plantain, easy enough right?


I put the oil in the pan, turned on the stove and let it heat up while I watched TV (this is where I went wrong). Maybe 5 minutes passed when I heard the oil ignite into a flame and luckily with my lifeguarding reaction time, I quickly pulled the baking soda out of my fridge and threw it on the flame.

Problem averted.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with fire alarms that wouldn’t go off and an apartment filled with the smell of smoke for days. I was so happy to know that I had paid for renter’s insurance.

So moral of the story is: if you decide to live by yourself after college, know that all your house training is going to be used and it truly could be a life or death situation.

Okay, Eti- I’m glad you’re okay, but I’m getting flashbacks of us burning popcorn and having baking issues in our dorm kitchen and can’t stop laughing. Thanks again for being a guest blogger!! Hope you all enjoyed her post!

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