The struggles of being a female sports fan.

I’m a 22 year-old die-hard Chicago sports fan.

My dad taught me from a young age that while Chicago teams will bring you heartbreak, you will join a community of optimistic fans who know that “maybe next year” will be the year.

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 11.22.24 PM.png
3 year-old me. Who says you can’t play baseball in a skirt?

I’m also a 22 year-old female. And there are some struggles of being a female sports fan.

1. Everyone assumes you don’t know what’s going on and they feel the need to explain to you what just happened.

Yes, sir. I actually do know that Kyle Hendricks’ ERA is 2.06. Did you know that actually during his almost no-hitter, his ERA went down to below 2? Yeah, I do pay attention.

ubZszrF - Imgur.gif

2. But when you do chime into the conversation, no one listens.

Oh. That Blackhawks trade you just mentioned? Pretty sure I just told you that about 15 minutes ago.


3. When you tell someone you’re a fan of a team, you have to prove you know ‘enough’ about them.

Um. Yes. I know more Cubs players than Bryant and Rizzo. In fact, I can list off my ideal 25-man playoff roster, if you’d like.


4. The bathroom lines are too damn long.

This is the worst. There should be double the amount of women’s bathrooms than men’s. Just saying.


5. You love a sport, but also feel conflicted when there’s a domestic violence scandal and feel like you should protest watching.

Looking at you, NFL.


6. Sexism.

If you’ve never seen female sports journalists read mean tweets, you should.

7. People assume you’re going to a game to check out the athletes, and while yes, this is a perk, this girl likes a good hockey fight as much as the next guy.

Don’t seem so shocked.


8. When all the ‘women’s’ clothes are pink or covered in glitter/rhinestones.

Excuse me. Where’s the team’s normal-colored clothing?


9. Sexism. Again.

What if male athletes were asked the same questions as female athletes? Check it out.

10. When everyone else is looking cute to go out, but you rock your favorite team because the game is on.

Let it be known that before this picture, I sat in a corner at our pregame to watch the Hawks game and only agreed to go out if we went to a bar with a TV.


11. But in the end, you know that you have a tribe of other bad-ass women who love sports as much as you do so it’s all worth it.

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