This wasn’t supposed to happen today.

This is not the post I expected to write today.

I am in complete and utter shock.

This wasn’t supposed to happen today.

But life isn’t neat and packaged in a bow. It’s hard. It’s unexpected.

Today a little after 12pm, you were hit by a car on your motorcycle. You were wearing your helmet. You were following traffic laws. But someone else wasn’t.

This wasn’t supposed to happen today.

I am currently 10,000 feet above somewhere in Nebraska. I am supposed to be getting excited to spend the weekend with two of my best friends. Instead, I cannot wait to get off this plane and hug these two friends tightly and try to process whatever I’m feeling.

You were supposed to be getting ready to go out with friends. Or maybe you were supposed to be heading home to spend the holiday weekend with your family. Either way…

This wasn’t supposed to happen today.

We met sophomore year when you helped serenade Alpha Chi and you stuck around to woo us all with your mad keyboard skills.

You and I didn’t agree on a lot of things. Our political views were completely opposite. But as Hannah put it best, “there’s no one I loved to see more.”

You and I were by no means super close, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that there is one less light in the world and I have one less friend.

This wasn’t supposed to happen today.

I remember “booking” you to play music at our Midnight BBQ. You gladly helped us raise money for victims of domestic violence.

I remember always stopping to catch up when we would cross paths on campus, even for just a minute. You always left me feeling a little more joyful.

I remember dancing with you at MizzouThon, breaking out our awful dance moves all in the name of being FTK. You weren’t afraid to be goofy, and always left me laughing.

I remember running into you downtown CoMo when we both got back from Ireland and swapping stories and comparing notes. You loved to connect with people. You were one of the friendliest people I knew.

The small memories go on and on.

You are proof that every life has meaning. The lives you’ve reached and hearts you’ve touched have an immeasurable impact.

Today there is one less smile in the world, one less note in the symphony of our lives, and one less human on this earth with a kind, giving soul.

But today there is one more guardian angel for a whole lot of people.

Rest in peace, Tyler Romaker.

Photo taken by: Connor Bjornnes

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4 thoughts on “This wasn’t supposed to happen today.

  1. Thank you for these kind words. Tyler was my nephew (His mom’s brother) and he was everything you said. Our family is devastated at this news, and reading your post made me feel a little better. Its good to know that he touched so many lives and helped spread smiles everywhere he went. Thank you for being his friend.


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