Hey there.

Hey, I’m Kat. I’m a 20-something millennial, trying to figure out this whole adulting thing.

Before you get to reading my blog, here a few things you should know about me.

I’m originally from the Chicago suburbs and recently moved back to Chicagoland after graduating from the University of Missouri this past May. MIZ!

Photo Cred: Hanna Yowell

I love Chicago sports, and am a HUGE Cubs and Blackhawks fan.

Wrigley Field is one of the best places in the world (in my humble opinion)

I’m an avid runner, cyclist and outdoors enthusiast. Though, I recently fractured my elbow after crashing my bike, so I’m on a hiatus from being #sporty for the time being.

Somehow looking super excited to go run 13.1 miles at 7am


I love traveling! Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland with one of my best friends. It’s true: Guinness is way better in Ireland.


I love music. I love going to concerts, playing music and writing music. Check out my SoundCloud!

Those are just a few facts about me. If you want to learn more about me, check out this page.

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Just another 20-something trying to figure out this whole adulting thing.

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